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Refrigeration - Repairs

Refrigeration and Repairs

We aim to offer the best refrigeration installation and repair service in the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond, throughout rural Victoria.

Our clients come to us from all over Victoria thanks to our reputation for providing the best products, installed and serviced by our highly experienced, qualified refrigeration technicians.

We’re experts at what we do and we employ an expert team from all relevant trades, including electricians, plumbers and refrigeration technicians, so our customers don’t have to arrange anything else, they get a service that is complete.

Refrigeration - Repairs2

We provide a one year warranty on all our installations and provide only expertly trained and qualified technicians to service your refrigeration units.

We also offer a range of service contracts, from 3 months to a year or longer, depending on your particular requirements.

Our expertise covers a broad range of applications from hospital facilities to shops, hotels and caterers, anyone who needs a dependable refrigeration system.

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Refrigeration - Emergency Call Out

Emergency Call Out Service

If your business or institution experiences a breakdown of your refrigeration system, you’ll need to get it fixed fast, particularly in the warmer months, when spoilage of perishables and overheating of products could mean a significant loss.

We provide an emergency call out service for all refrigeration melt downs, regardless of the cause as we have an expert to solve for any problem, which means you can get your system fixed and up and running again before any damage is done.

We have the resources, skills and knowhow to provide the best refrigeration system to suit your particular commercial or domestic needs.

We have qualified staff in all facets of the refrigeration installation trade, so that you get a one stop service and your system is installed promptly and professionally.

We may not have designed and installed your refrigeration system but we can upgrade and repair it to suit your current needs.

Refrigeration - Call Now

Our refrigeration technicians can custom design the ideal refrigeration unit to suit your needs, ideally fitted out to suit your particular business.

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Noel Airconditioning & Refrigeration has been providing a comprehensive service to customers all over Victoria and we’re still going strong because we believe in providing the right product for our customers’ requirements and backing it up with a reliable and knowledgeable servicing and repair team.

Don’t waste time and money looking for the easy solution to your refrigeration needs, as it could end up costing you a lot more than expected.

Get in touch with us Now on 0411 112 990 to discuss your options, it won’t cost you more than a phone call.